Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I wanna be a billionaire...

I always thought rich people who bought a lot of clothes were rather ridiculous. But as I've matured, and possibly become a bit more metrosexual, I've come to realize the impact clothes and accessories can make.

I have a love affair with high top shoes. I don't know why, but I just think they look so snazzy. It's a shame, this brand (SUPRA Skytop) runs close to $100. I would rock those every chance I got. I got lucky and was able to snag some of Nike's 6.0 high tops for a mere $20. Definitely my favorite pair nowadays.

I also enjoy a good watch or 'wrist clock' as they are sometimes known as. Nixon makes some doozies I can't help but oogle at when I walk into Zumiez.
The big face and simple design makes me wish this kind didn't cost $450.
Likewise, a good pair of sunglasses can run over $100 dollars. Sadly the quality of the picture stinks. But these Ray Bans look soooo good.
And finally, jackets. In the Bay Area, and certainly Rexburg, it's rarely too hot (especially in the evenings) to wear a light jacket. I stumbled upon this beauty at the mall today, marked down to $6.

While I wait for some movie agent to see how funny and good looking I am, I suppose I'll have to settle for finding sweet deals and buying knock offs.

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